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Peter Goutos as a Qualified Horticulturist & Sustainable Landscape Designer has knowledge of plant Diversity, recognising plant deficiencies, their ability to adapt to extreme climatic changes & challenges & plant Responses to soil conditions and their surrounding environment.

Graduated at Swinburne University in Sustainable Landscape Design, Peter is able to design sustainable landscapes and recommend appropriate plants for their cultural practices, apply water sensitive urban design ideas, achieve efficient & sustainable use of natural resources, apply the history of landscape design practice and how to design and maintain a sustainable – organic produce garden, all with the consideration of environmental implications.

We pride ourselves on our client communication and ability to listen and deliver. From a landscape design brief to detailed job completion, through to continual garden maintenance, we offer our clients the complete landscaping service.

Our highly skilled team of garden designers, structural landscaping construction specialists, tradespeople, horticulturists and gardeners are unitedly driven to provide and deliver a premium landscape service. We are inspired to succeed in providing sustainable designs, that outlive garden fads that are here today and outdated tomorrow are constantly looking for new ways to leave our mark on the landscape design industry.


Qualifications & The Sense Garden

Peter Goutos Qualifications :- Deg. Horticulture; Dip. Sustainable Landscape Design; Member of Australian Institute of Horticulture; Registered Horticulturist - RH0021; Dip. Business Management

Continuation of the Design Process & PGM Ethics

Gardens have the ability to transform our anxieties and create a sense of well-being and belonging. A produce garden can be contributed in any garden setting to achieve this.
Incorporated in many different ways, even with the existing vegetation surrounding the

Designing gardens with the ability to identify oneself in connected with the garden, a sense of
belonging. Our inclination naturally drifts towards producing our own food. Developing
landscapes that stimulate peoples senses, drawing people together and improving their outlook
on life, these are the forms of landscapes that become meaningful, inspirational, pleasurable,
enriched with flavour and sustainable, long lasting.

When our sense of observation has been stimulated, gardens begin to stimulate other senses in
us, the sense of smell, touch and feeling, which in turn, we are intrigued to also taste. These
elements combined together, stimulate our sense of belonging, therefore encouraged to utilize
the garden effectively.

To achieve these factors in a garden as designers, one needs to consider the existing
surroundings carefully in order to contribute pleasure in the garden, where they can be
aesthetically pleasing, or fragrantly pleasing, but to engage in touch and taste, gardens become
a place of meaning, a haven from life's responsibilities, challenges and anxieties.
Gardens like these have a real connection of who we really are, the like of having inherited
attributes in finding pleasure from a garden that we can taste. When families engage in
produce gardens, they develop a sense of ownership, a sense of partnership and a sense of

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